IIF in English


IIF in English is the international department of the Italian Institute of Photography and offers photography courses in English. The department recognizes the importance of both ‘global’ and ‘local’ and has developed its philosophy, programs and partnerships based on this dual concept.

 – IIF in English brings students together from all over the world, providing foreign and Italian students an international and dynamic learning environment in which to flourish. Students have the opportunity to create a global network here that will last well beyond their time studying at the institute.

 – We also believe that the students benefit from experiencing the best of what Milan has to offer. Though our local partnerships, we give students the opportunity to really get to know Milan, its cultural and commercial aspects, often from an insider perspective.

IIF in English is always committed to strengthen its position and to keep its didactics up to date to assure the maximum quality. To succeed in this intention IIF participates in events such as JEEP Fair (European Days of the Schools of Photography) during the Festival Circulation in Paris and takes part in association Eduitalia, encourages its students to submit their work in competitions such as multimedia competition “Migrants in Europe” launched by European Commission for migration and home affairs, creates collaborations with various organizations and publics the student’s works in form of photographic books.


    IIF in English embriced and is practising the method and philosophy already applied by Istituto Italiano di Fotografia from 1993 and represents a point of reference for the new talented photographers and professionals who are already affirmed. Photography as a language of expression, style, innovation, a philosophy that accompanies the teaching of IIF – strongly practical – that allows students to develop personal style and sensibility to the contemporary photographic languages.

    • Professionals with a solid preparation: teaching photography through a structured and modern teaching with a specific goal to train professionals able to express their own style and to propose themselves to the market with confidence, skill and originality.
    • Experience in the field and creative projects: IIF uses a methodology that aims to stimulate students through practical experiences and with teachers, highly qualified professionals in various fields of photography and visual communication.
    • Exhibitions and cultural events: to give visibility to the talents of the professional and evening courses.
    • Photographic production agency: a meeting point between companies and young photographers.
    • The size: a reality suitable for student: a photographic laboratory in which everyone is assisted educationally, professionally and personally with a welcoming, “family” atmosphere.
    • The duration and exclusivity of the course: a didactic method that has always been based on dedication to photography as a unique educational mission, Synonymous with this the quality of courses offered and the IIF desire to keep up with a particularly dynamic and constantly evolving sector witha didactic method which through an experience in the field, immediately immerses the student.

    An innovative way to guide young people in the world of photography.


    Istituto di Moda Burgo - didactic partnership
    Boom – modeling agency
    Milano Summer school – a social programme offered by City of Milano
    Eduitalia – international patronage
    Grange - technical partnerships
    Ianiro - technical partnerships

    ….and many more


    To help our students to take the most of their stay in Milan we are proposing various conventions

    • the Accommodation Agency
    • the English-speaking multi-specialty Medical Center,
    • an Institute of Italian Language and Culture
    • Milano Summer School - during the summer courses
    • special prices in a professional photographic laboratories
    • special prices for studio and equipment rental up to one year after the end of the course.
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