In over 25 years of history, there are many students who, after attending the Professional Courses of Photography and summer courses, have undertaken brilliant careers in the world of photography. The sectors in which they work are the most varied: from fashion to still life, from reportage to events, from sports to music. Many are also those who have undertaken more distinctly artistic careers, winning national and international prizes, participating in festivals and prestigious exhibitions.
We present a small selection that favors the former students who had just come out of the IIF, to offer you a more concrete perspective of the job opportunities that IIF opens up.

Amoretti Carolina

Portrait and fashion

Ardesi Noemi

Entertainment, art photography and fashion

Barillari Bruno

Adv, still life, wedding e portrait

Bernasconi Michela

Art photography

Bertolina Jessica

Portrait, live show, Fashion e Beauty

Bettoja Virginia

Portrait, shows and events

Bortoli Stella


Cardana Carlotta

Portrait, reportage and landscape

Cipollone Luca

Fashion, show and video

Cordì Nicola

Portrait, show, corporate and video

Ducoli Carola

Wedding, shows and nude

El Beshbichi Sara


Felli Loretta

Fashion and art photography

Ferrari Camilla

Art photography and storytelling

Fontana Nanni


Frana Roberto


Ghidoni Angelo


Gori Giorgio

Still life, shows and portrait

Licheri Giacomo

Fashion and interior

Guolo Mattia

Fashion and portrait

Manfren Jacopo

Fashion, celebrities and film

Mariniello Andrea

Shows and events

Micheletti Gianluca

Art photography and reportage

Moroni Umberto

Portrait, architecture and wedding

Mozzini Giulia

Portrait and reportage

Nicosia Diletta

Food e
still life

Paccini Simone


Pota Debora


Raffin Andrea

Portrait, shows and design

Ristuccia Marco

Reportage and art

Roda Lucrezia

Art photography

Rufini Marco

Fashion and kids

Sasso Federica

Advertising and art

Sironi Emanuele



Adv e

Todde Francesca


Vanetti Giacomo


Weber Matteo

Still life e

Zanoni Davide