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Elena Givone works with many NGOs and Non-profit Organizations developping creative projects and educational activities. Among the main traits of the author there is wondering about dreams, reflecting on the relationship between the reality of the surrounding world and the inner sphere, wondering about the strength of imagination that each of us has.
Her work includes a ever-growing corpus that was built in Italy, Bosnia, Brazil, France, the UK, Mali, Burundi, Egypt, India, Myanmar, Greece, Jordan and Sri Lanka, where she opened a photography school for the local youth. Elena’s work has a strong ethic and social component, where she often shows the voice of a humanity whose voice was silenced.
Elena Givone studied newborn photography, learning the secrets of great international teaches. She now teaches master classes and workshops dedicated to childhood, maternity and newborns. Much of her work has been published in magazines, exhibited in galleries, international museums and private collections. She is rapresented by the agency Contrasto, and she is an X-Photographer Fujifilm and a Testimonial AlbumEpoca.

Where you can find her: Workshop Fotografia di Newborn & Maternity