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Istituto Italiano di Fotografia has been training professional photographers for 30 years in Milan. It’s also a photography agency that creates communication projects for institutions and companies. IIF produces editorials, ADVs, catalogues, monographic publications, brochures, photos for social media and websites.

A young and fresh vision

IIF is a meeting point between companies and a new generation of photographers, able to use different contemporary languages to create images and with a fresh and uncommon creative spirit and a low budget for the client.

Ad hoc creativity to meet the client’s needs

IIF works with the best photographers who attended its professional courses: young, talented photographers that can show a personal and innovative style. Artists with creative solutions but at the same time responsive to the communication needs of the client. IIF photographers’ approach stands out for its professionalism, promptness and amazing expressiveness.

If you want to have an overview of the last projects carried out by IIF, you can have a look at the following presentation or scroll the underlying portfolios. You will find photography publications and productions, professional photo books, exhibitions and several professional photo projects.


Photo project: photography productions from A to Z

Istituto Italiano di Fotografia relieves the client from any administrative and organizational aspect and from any coordination linked to the realization of the project.
IIF follows all the steps of photography production: from the selection of photographers to the delivery of the final product.

» Creative interpretation of products/services
» Photo books
» Professional photographic services
» Photography publications
» Institutional promotion
» Avd and social campaigns
» Thematic exhibitions
» Photos for websites
» Calendars

Agency: a photography agency that represents new professional photographers

IIF selects the photographer that better suits the client’s needs. A selection of young image professionals to be recommended to the publishing industry, advertising agencies, art directors and private clients.

» Editorials
» Institutional research
» Archive photos
» Catalogues
» Campaigns


Photographers, photo assistants and digital assistants

Moreover, IIF provides photographers, photo assistants and digital assistants for production agencies, photo agencies, communication agencies and companies that need professionals for their businesses. The big educational investment IIF makes to teach the photographic technique in studio and on location allows its students to enter the job market as competent and passionate professionals.

Companies and photo, communication and advertising agencies in need of partners can get in touch by writing an email to  [email protected] , or by calling 02 58105598 / 02 58107623.

Projects run by IIF

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