IIF Internal Rules


Attendance is compulsory. The number of absences must not exceed 20% of the total lessons. Substantial absences must be justified. This will be constantly monitored by the didactic coordination who will contact the students directly in necessary cases. Any situation in which the number of absences exceeds 20% will be assessed at the sole discretion of the Management of Istituto Italiano di Fotografia s.r.l. unip. (hereafter IIF).




If student lateness exceeds ten minutes, admission to the classroom will be at the teacher’s discretion. If trains or public transport are not punctual, please notify the switchboard. Continuous tardiness or numerous absences will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and may jeopardise admission to the final examination (for courses that provide for it). Punctuality and motivation are essential elements in the photographer’s profession, as well as a sign of respect towards teachers and fellow students.




Students are allowed to leave the classroom and the studio up to a quarter of an hour before the end of lessons, after notifying the teacher or, in his/her absence, the assistant.




IIF is equipped with five photographic studios and a computer space. The management of these spaces is at the total discretion of IIF, which is not obliged to inform students of the availability and use of these spaces beyond the times scheduled in the teaching calendars. It is strongly discouraged to leave files and folders on IIF’s computers as periodic cleaning of hard-disks would lead to their loss, for which IIF accepts no responsibility. In any case, it is forbidden to use the computers for purposes not strictly related to the didactic purpose of the course. Indicatively, theoretical lessons are held in the classroom and practical lessons in the studio. Students are requested to leave the spaces used tidy at all times. IIF is not liable for items left unattended.




Students undertake to maintain correct behaviour during the course. In particular, it is forbidden to:

  • Smoking on school premises
  • Disturbing during lessons or after leaving the classroom
    Keeping mobile phone rings on
  • Remaining on the IIF premises beyond the class time limit unless for educational reasons or because it is required
  • Inviting strangers into the school’s classrooms and studios during lessons
  • Eating on the premises if not in the designated eating area
  • Damaging any equipment
  • Whistle or keep a loud voice in the vicinity of offices or teaching spaces
  • Leaving personal items unattended
  • Please contact reception before entering the offices
  • Access the assistants’ area
  • Leave files on IIF computers

We reiterate the need, for the purpose of real professional growth, to maintain appropriate behaviour in terms of discipline and mutual respect. In particular, appropriate behaviour includes awareness in the use of spaces, equipment and in the management of relations with assistants, models and collaborators.




In the event of misbehaviour towards fellow students and IIF staff, the Management may resort to the right to suspend the student, either temporarily or permanently, from lessons.




During the year, the teachers of each discipline will select student work. The aim is to have archiving material that can serve in a mutual interest for on-offline institutional promotion.




The management and the technical-didactic coordination of the various courses are available, by appointment, for any clarifications and various didactic issues.




Cars, cycles and motorbikes may not be parked or parked inside the IIF entrance courtyard or in the condominium spaces and parking spaces in via Enrico Caviglia 3.




Reserved exercises (for courses that provide for them) are set out in the teaching calendar and can be checked online in the reserved area of the website in both the “Teaching calendar” and the “Study Reservations” calendar. They are the time when the student works independently and creates his or her own contacts for future projects. Therefore, it is not the Tutor who finds the necessary staff for the student (stylist, make-up artist, actor, model, etc.), but the student himself. The Tutor provides the contacts in his/her possession, if requested by the student.




Students may book the available sets by making an explicit request directly to the assistants on duty or by sending an e-mail to the Tutor. Exercise sets can be booked up to 15 days before the date of the exercise (e.g. Exercise date: 15.12.2023; Opening of bookings: 1.12.2023; Closing of bookings: 14.12.2023). You must specify the date, time slot (morning or afternoon), the type of activity you intend to carry out (still-life, portrait, fashion, etc.) and, if possible, the equipment you intend to use. Should the student be unable to make use of the booking he/she has made, he/she must inform the assistant on duty or the tutor at least 2 days in advance. It is not possible to book study for more than two consecutive times with reference to the teaching calendar. The Management reserves the right to suspend the bookability of tutorials for students who fail to meet the cancellation deadline. If no bookings have been received within 24 hours prior to the date of the exercise, IIF reserves the right to keep the studios closed and cancel the exercise. In this case, the cancellation of the exercise will be made official by updating the online calendar “Study Reservations” available in the reserved area of the website. In the online calendar you can check the name and telephone number of the assistants on duty, especially on days when the offices are closed.




The equipment available to students is managed exclusively by the assistants. The individual loan of photographic equipment, even outside class hours, is allowed to students of the Biennial Photography Professional Course and of the Full and Full Advanced Photography Annual Evening Courses (the list of equipment will be handed over at the beginning of the course), with the only restriction being that the equipment must be available for teaching use; in the event of damage, you are required to pay for the repair; should this occur more than once, the Management reserves the right to suspend this opportunity.




One of the essential elements of IIF is the opportunity for students to develop their own personal style to stimulate and enhance their creativity and artistic sensitivity. In this regard, students on the various courses may be given the opportunity to exhibit work in events and photographic exhibitions in the various exhibition spaces in contact with IIF. We would like to emphasise the importance of taking advantage of these opportunities by preparing and delivering materials on time and in the agreed manner.