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Professionalism and passion

These are the main features that characterize the teachers chosen by Istituto Italiano di Fotografia.
Professional photographers specialized in different sectors of image and visual communication. Different personalities, different curricula, different work experiences. A well-informed choice. Because differences and original approaches enrich students’ education.
And when you deal with important image professionals, the most enriching part is that you can learn from “the masters”.


Ph. Sanni Agostinelli_IIF Milano

Sanni Agostinelli


Ph. Emanuele Amighetti

Emanuele Amighetti


Ph. Erminio Annunzi_IIF Milano

Erminio Annunzi

Technique and landscape photography

Ph. Guido Bartoli

Guido Bartoli

Color theory

Ph. Leonello Bertolucci

Leonello Bertolucci

Photoediting, style practice, reportage and music and theatre photography

Virginia Bettoja_Venere Acefala

Virginia Bettoja

Self portrait and event photography

Ph. Valeria Bismar

Valeria Bismar

Company profile

Ph. Bronzoni Gianluca

Gianluca Bronzoni

Post production

Riccardo Caccia

Riccardo Caccia

Photography and cinema

Ph. Andrea Calvaruso_Hashimoto

Andrea Calvaruso

Studio photography

Ernesto Casareto

Ernesto Casareto


Maurizio-Cavalli_director IIF

Maurizio Cavalli

Still life

Ph. Camilla Cerea

Camilla Cerea

Photography for teens and smart photography

Ph. Gabriela De Giacomo

Gabriela de Giacomo

Photography for teens and children

Ph. Gabriele Croppi

Gabriele Croppi

Stage photography and mixed lighting

Ph. Davide Di Tria_gasoline photography

Davide Di Tria

Post production

Ph. Sara El Beshbichi

Sara El Beshbichi

Fashion photography and post production

Ph. Camilla Ferrari

Camilla Ferrari

Photographic culture and reportage

Ph. Nanni Fontana

Nanni Fontana


Ph. Sara Gentile

Sara Gentile

Still life, food, architecture and interior photography

Marco Ghirlandi

Marco Ghirlandi

Video acting

Ph. Elena Givone

Elena Givone

Newborn & maternity

Nina Leo

Nina Leo

Photographic production

Alessia Locatelli

Alessia Locatelli


Ph. Luca Walter Mariani

Luca Walter Mariani


Ph. Andrea Marinello_IIF

Andrea Mariniello

Capture One

Salvatore Mazzarella

Salvatore Mazzarella

Independent work and VAT number

Ph. Piermarco Menini_IIF Milano

Piermarco Menini


Ph. Francesco Merlini

Francesco Merlini


Ph. Federico Mirarchi_IIF Milano

Federico Mirarchi

Communication agency

Marco Ghirlandi

Sara Munari


Roberto Mutti

Roberto Mutti

Carrying out a project

Ph. Mattia Ozbot

Mattia Ozbot

Sport photography

Ph. Wanda Perrone Capano

Wanda Perrone Capano

Contemporary portrait

Ph. Franco Petter

Franco Petter

Nude art, beauty and fashion

Ph. Alice Redaelli

Alice Redaelli

Photography for teens and children

Ph. Sonia Santagostino

Sonia Santagostino

Visual communication and dance photography

Ph. Samanta Tamborini

Samanta Tamborini

Wedding Photography | Post production | Marketing

Ph. Valentina Tamborra_skrei_IIF Milano

Valentina Tamborra

Street photography and reportage

Ph. Francesca Todde

Francesca Todde

Graphics and layout

Eleonora Trigari

Eleonora Trigari

Image rights

Ph. Giacomo Vanetti

Giacomo Vanetti

Pinhole photography

work with us

Do you want to teach at Istituto Italiano di Fotografia? Send us your CV and your portfolio, and tell us what you would like to teach. We are always looking for new teachers, so that IIF educational offer can be up to date and complete!

You can send the above mentioned materials to [email protected], we are waiting for you!