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Colour theory


Guido Bartoli is a fine art digital printer and a Digital Imaging and Color Management consultant. His lab has the certification Epson Digigraphie, and he is a ColorAtti X-Rite author. He started working as a photographer by using silver halide printing. He works as a photographer (still life, industrial and medical/scientific photography, architecture and landscape) and as a B&W printer.

Since the 90s, he has worked with the main Italian photography magazines:  Progresso Fotografico, Tutti Fotografi, Il Fotografo, Photo Italia. He also wrote several monographs about digital photography that are sold in newsstands.

He worked for the main companies of the chimical and digital photographic field (Epson, Fujifilm, HP, Nital) as a counselor in charge of: marketing training for companies (category and product manager, PR manager), speaker in courses for retailers and wholesalers, testing new machines (printers, scanners, cameras), testing and setting machines for events, counseling for fairs and events, translating adverting and techinical materials.

Where you can find him:Professional Biennial Photography Course