PROFESSIONAL Biennial Photography Course

The Professional Biennial Photography Course organized by Istituto Italiano di Fotografia is the recommended course for those who want to become professional photographers. The teaching approach includes a lot of practice both in studio and on location, and there are many chances for students to take part in concrete work projects in commercial and artistic settings.


Goals and admissions

The Professional Biennial Photography Course organized by Istituto Italiano di Fotografia aims at training professional photographers from scratch, providing them with a deep knowledge of photographic techniques, languages and genres.

Since the course starts from the basics, it is not necessary to have previous experience in photography to enroll. However, it is recommended to have a a reflex/mirrorless digital camera: you will start using it in the first weeks of the course, even though in the first semester you will mainly shoot with view cameras. Therefore, there is not an admission test and applications are open until full capacity is reached.

All classes are taught in Italian, therefore we request a certificate of Italian (level B2 or higher).
We accept the following certificates: CILS (CILS 2 or higher); CELI (CELI level 3 or higher); PLIDA (PLIDA B2 or higher); AIL/DILI (AIL/DILI B2 or higher). If you don’t have a certificate, you can take an online evaluation test with our partner school for a small fee.

Students can skip the first year of our Biennial Photography Course and move up to the second by sending us a portfolio with studio and outdoor portraits, and landscape and still life photographs. IIF faculty will judge the quality of the photographs and the students’ photographic techniques and visual communication skills.


Course program

The teaching approach used at IIF stands out because it’s complete, practical and professional. In this course you’ll study all the main photography genres, from portrait to still life, from fashion to nude, from reportage to landscape. In addition, you’ll delve into modern shooting techniques, editing, videomaking and planning.

During both years you will study the history and criticism of photography. Moreover, you will have postproduction classes involving the use of Lightroom and Photoshop in the first year and advanced Photoshop and Indesign classes in the second.


Commercial and artistic collaborations

In the second year you will also have meetings with professionals from the commercial sector, such as lawyers, accountants, agents etc. They will help you prepare for the photography market and teach you how to introduce yourself professionally. In their second year, students will have the chance to take part in exhibitions, photo books, photography festivals, commercial projects for clients working in several sectors (fashion, food, design, music, events), experiencing the working environment from the beginning. At the end of the course, not only will students’ portfolios cover all the main photography genres, but they’ll also include photos commissioned by our clients and taken at real events.


Job placement

Istituto Italiano di Fotografia has several business partners, so that its students and former students have the chance to work with several brands, agencies and publishing houses. You can tell how well our system works by looking at our former students: they are successful professional photographers working in different sectors, from fashion to food, from events to reportage.


Course structure and schedule

Duration of the course: 2 years | 1st year, from September 30, 2024 to June 2025; 2nd year, from mid-September 2025 to July 2026.

Schedule: 1st year, from Monday to Friday, in the morning or in the afternoon (chosen by the student) | 2nd year, from Monday to Friday, in the afternoon. On Saturday you can use the studios for free to practise (upon reservation).


Tuition Fees

Cost: € 8.000 for the first year | € 9.200 for the second year.

We offer scholarships, and early bird promotions for one-off payments. You can also pay in installments or ask for a zero-interest loan.

Download the course brochure here and write to the Orientation Office to ask for the full technical file of the course: [email protected]


Orientation interview

Call us to receive more information: 02 58105598/7623/7139, or write to  [email protected] and book an orientation interview with the Orientation Office.

Do you have any questions? Have a look at our FAQs, you’ll find a lot of useful information!

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first year

The first year aims at giving a solid foundation with an ideal balance between theory and practice. The main subjects are visual communication, history of photography, landscape, photographic technique, digital post-production. Since the first weeks there are practical lessons of portrait photography and still-life photography in the studio. The first months of classes include practical lessons with an analogue view camera.

• Photographic technique 1
• Visual communication 1
• Carrying out a project 1
• Equipment
• Still life photography
• Landscape photography 1
• Portrait 1
• Self-portrait 1
• Event, wedding and sport photography
• Street photography and reportage
• Video making 1
• Post-production 1

Second year

The second year is composed of independent courses and aims at the creation of personal portfolios. The program includes the most important photography sectors, going from fashion to nude art, from reportage to landscape, from food to portait, but analysing also contemporay filming techniques, photoediting, video making and how to carry out a project. The approach is complete, practical and work-oriented. The students will also meet with professionals that will help them get ready to enter the job market and teach them how to propose themselves as professional photographers. Moreover, students can join exhibitions, publications, photfestivals, and work on real commercial photography projects for clients from different sectors. This offers them the chance to enter the job market.

• Photographic technique 2
• Visual communication 2
• Post production 2
• Carrying out a project 2
• Video acting
• Beauty photography
• Nude Art photography
• Fashion photography in the studio and on location
• Wedding photography
• Portrait 2
• Landscape photography 2
• Reportage
• Food photography
• Art photography
• Photography for online shops
• Video making 2
• Curatorship
• Photoediting and publishing sector
• Photography and cinema
• Cataloging and archiving
• English for photographers
• Visiting professors
• Entering the professional world


Ph. Emanuele Amighetti

Emanuele Amighetti

Ph. Erminio Annunzi_IIF Milano

Erminio Annunzi

Technique and landscape photography

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Virginia Bettoja_Venere Acefala

Virginia Bettoja

Self-portrait and event photography

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Ph. Leonello Bertolucci

Leonello Bertolucci

History of reportage – Photoediting/Style exercises – Music and theatre photography

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Ph. Bronzoni Gianluca

Gianluca Bronzoni


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Riccardo Caccia

Riccardo Caccia

Photography and cinema

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Ph. Andrea Calvaruso_Hashimoto

Andrea Calvaruso

Studio photography

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Ernesto Casareto

Ernesto Casareto

Maurizio-Cavalli_director IIF

Maurizio Cavalli

Still life photography

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Ph. Gabriele Croppi

Gabriele Croppi

Stage photography and mixed lighting

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Ph. Davide Di Tria_gasoline photography

Davide di Tria

Ph. Sara El Beshbichi

Sara El Beshbichi

Fashion photography and post production

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Ph. Camilla Ferrari

Camilla Ferrari

Photographic culture and reportage

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Ph. Nanni Fontana

Nanni Fontana

Marco Ghirlandi

Marco Ghirlandi

Ph. Sara Gentile

Sara Gentile

Still life, food, architecture and interiors

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Nina Leo

Nina Leo

Photographic production

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Alessia Locatelli

Alessia Locatelli

Photographic curatorship

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Ph. Luca Walter Mariani

Luca Walter Mariani

Ph. Andrea Marinello_IIF

Andrea Mariniello

Salvatore Mazzarella

Salvatore Mazzarella

Indipendent work and VAT number

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Ph. Piermarco Menini_IIF Milano

Piermarco Menini

Ph. Francesco Merlini

Francesco Merlini

Ph. Federico Mirarchi_IIF Milano

Federico Mirarchi

Roberto Mutti

Roberto Mutti

Carrying out a project

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Ph. Wanda Perrone Capano

Wanda Perrone Capano

Contemporary portrait

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Ph. Franco Petter

Franco Petter

Artistic nude, beauty and fashion

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Ph. Sonia Santagostino

Sonia Santagostino

Visual communication

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Ph. Samanta Tamborini

Samanta Tamborini

Wedding Photography, Post production, Marketing

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Ph. Valentina Tamborra_skrei_IIF Milano

Valentina Tamborra

Street photography and reportage

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Ph. Francesca Todde

Francesca Todde

Graphics and layout

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Eleonora Trigari

Eleonora Trigari

Ph. Giacomo Vanetti

Giacomo Vanetti

Pinhole photography

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Visiting Professors

The course is enriched by several visiting professors, who we change every year in order to provide our students with fresh perspectives on the professional photography world. Among the many professionals that we had at IIF:

  • Giulia Bersani
  • Carlotta Cardana
  • Tomaso Clavarino
  • Pietro Cocco
  • Alessandro De Alberto
  • Dude Agency
  • Looking for Art
  • Alessandro Merlo
  • Carmen Mitrotta
  • Benedetta Ristori
  • Luca Santese
  • Federica Sasso