Sara El Beshbichi

Fashion photography and postproduction


Sara El Beshbichi was born in Milan in 1990. A sicilian-egyptian aquarius with her head in the clouds, Sara showed great artistic sensibility from a very young age. Her love for beautiful things materialised in her study path. She went to Brera High School for the Arts, then she graduated with honors at Brera Academy with a thesis on nonverbal communication and photography. Later she enrolled in IIF Biennial Photography Course, where she worked for two years as a photo assistant.
Her passion for photography emerged during her studies, while her passion for fashion is the natural development of her aesthetic vision and artistic culture.
After her studies she started working as a graphic designer and postproducer for international fashion weeks. Now she works internationally as a freelance commercial and editorial photographer.


Where you can find her: Corso Professionale Biennale di Fotografia – Full Advanced – Workshop Fashion Photography – Fashion Photography Summer Course