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Virginia Bettoja

Self-portrait and event photography


She was born in 1985 in Rome, where she graduated in Literature and Philosophy. Later, she dedicates herself to her passion for photography, which she had developed for years. She improved her skills with short courses and workshops. She entered the job market as a photographer and assistant at events in Rome and London. In 2011 she moved to Milan, where she currently lives and works, to perfect her education. Thus, istituto Italiano di Fotografian 2013 she graduated from the Biennail Photography Course of Istituto Italiano di Fotografia. In the art field, she exhibited and research work in exhibition places in Orvieto, Milan and Rome. Besides running her art projects, she worked as a portrait photographer. In 2015, she became the official photographer of the talent show “X Factor”, where she met Fedez, who chose her as his main photographer. Thanks to this, in 2017 she was his and J.ax’s tour photographer for the “Comunisti col Rolex” tour. That’s how she specialized in stage photography, for both tv and concerts. Now she is the official photographer of Italia’s Got Talent, of Disney events and – for the fourth year in a row – X Factor.

Where you can find her: Professional Biennial Photography Course