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An exhibition by IIF and ALA ONLUS

On the occasion of the 16th edition of PHOTOFESTIVAL, IIF held the collective exhibition “A fior di pelle (On edge)”. The exhibition was organized with ALA Milano Onlus and it took place at Frida Isola – DiSopra from 20 September to 1 October 2021. Identity, roots, history: these are they keywords of the photo project, arisen from the creative idea of curator Valentina Tamborra. 21 diptychs to tell the stories of 21 men and women, boys and girls, connected by a common thread: a mixed identity, memories and a feeling of belonging to worlds and places that are far but united, and much closer than you think.

The exhibited photos were taken by students and former students of the Professional Biennial Photography Course and Full Advanced:

Zain Ul Abidin, Cristina Beltrami, Corrado Bernasconi, Andrea Calvaruso, Silvia Corazza, Michelangelo D’Elia, Lara Gencten, Alice Jankovic, Ayoub Medhoun, Gabriele Onere, Sara Peccianti, Vittorio Piovan, Francesco Pomarici, Stefano Ponzi and Marco Sepe.

From Morocco to Pakistan,  but also to Jordan, Armenia, Albania, Japan, Peru and Russia, the images tell the stories of boys and girls, men and women “under the same sky”: that of Italy.

Some of them were born in Italy, other came to study or work, but all of them are joined by a common thread: a double identity, a rich mix and a key to understand an open, deep and pulsating world. Each of them finds a reason to enhance themselves and grow in this ethnic, cultural and linguistic mixture.

Faces, places and words: this is what the photographers collected. Stories of integration and beauty that prove that a world without walls, without insuperable limits  but rather with borders where people can mees and exchange knowledge is a better world and it already exists. You only need to open your eyes, be able to see and tell.

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