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Are you trying to understand what college to go to for photography? Is it better to study photography in Italy in Milan or in Naples? Do you want to turn photography into your future job and you don’t know if it’s better to choose a professional photography course in Italy or a photography university in Turin, Bologna, Catania, Verona or Bari? Have you been looking for the education needed to become a photographer and have you been trying to understand which are the best photography schools in Italy for days?

In this page we are going to bring some clarity on the different types of education available in Italy and give you some food for thought about the city you should choose to study photography.



First of all, when looking for a course to attend to become a photographer you may have noticed that in Italy you have two options between which you can choose:

  • A photography academy, which is a University (with a photography department) that confers a degree in photography
  • A professional photography course, which is a vocational course

In the first case, you’ll need a high school diploma to apply and at the end of the course you get a degree. In the second case, each school can choose if you need a diploma or not to apply, and at the end of the course you’ll receive a certification of professionalism.

Upon the request of the Ministry of Education, Bachelors and Masters must have a bigger amount of theoretical subjects than vocational courses, which usually have more practical lessons with photo shoots in studio and outdoors.

Moreover, it’s important to clarify that there is no such a thing as a register of professional photographers nor in Italy or abroad. According to the law and the decision of the European Community, it’s not possible to create Professional registers anymore if not to protect the interests of the community in general, that is to say ordinary people and not the professionals of the category we are talking about.

Therefore, there is no need for a degree in photography to work as a photographer. The crucial this is to have solid practical and technical skills, a full and professional portfolio and a wide network of professional contacts.



A crucial part of choosing the right course is choosing the right city to study photography. If the school you are going to choose is a partner with local companies and agencies, it will probably be easier for you to start working in the field.

From this point of view, there are no other cities in Italy that reach the level of Milan, the Italian center of reference of the fashion, design, communication and business sectors.

In Milan you’ll find the biggest photo studios and the biggest photography agencies, in Milan you’ll find the studios where most tv programs are filmed, in Milan you’ll find the headquarters of most photo magazines and publishing houses. Milan is rich of culture, there a lot of “institutional” exhibition venues, private galleries, foundations and festivals that offer an intense schedule of cultural events.

If you are interested in photography for cinema the city of reference is Roma for sure, if you are interested in any other genre Milan offers more opportunities than any other Italian does. Since you have to think about your chances of finding commissions at the end of your course, studying in a city like Milan is going to offer you undeniable advanteges.



We are going to tell you the story of some people who moved from their cities of origin to Milan to study photography at the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia to train as professional photographers by attending the Professional Biennial Photography Course.

Annacarla Granata, who is now a photo assistant at Hive studio, moved to Milan from Bisceglie (BAT). Virginia Bettoja, who is now a photographer in the fields of music and entertainment, moved to Milan from Rome. Valerio De Felicis, who is now a wedding photographer, moved from Salerno, the city of origin of Giulia Rosco too, who now is a photographer and videomaker in the music field.

Costanza Gianquinto, who is now working on her personal photo projects, moved to Milan from Venice. Carmen Mitrotta, a creative food and still life photographer, comes from Lecce. Carlotta Cardana, who is now living in London working as a portrait photographer, moved to Milan from Verbania to study at IIF.

Alessandro Vullo, who now lives between Milan and Fuerteventura working as a photographer, comes from Catania. Enrico Battaglia, now studio manager at Cross studio in Milan, moved to Milan from Enna. Clarissa Ceci, who is working as a photographer in Milan and in Paris, comes from Taranto.

These are just some of the many stories of students who decided to move to Milan to study photography at Istituto Italiano di Fotografia. Do you want to know about the career of other IIF alumni? Click here to visit the alumni page!

If you are looking for a good school to become a professional photographer, if you are looking for where to study photography in Italy (for instance “study photography in Naples“) and you want someone who supports you into making the right decision for your future career and for other issues get in touch with us!